Proposal Details


  • Websites that require a CMS need to be hosted on the service used to build the website (Webflow) as the CMS is built into the system and cannot be hosted elsewhere. There is no workaround or alternative to this.
  • The advantages of this premium hosting include enterprise-level reliability, scalability and speed with a global CDN, millisecond page load, SSL cert, regular backups, monitored security and 3rd party security reviews and an easy to use CMS.
  • Another advantage over many hosting packages (WordPress) is that the website & hosting requires zero maintenance or updates, which can be costly or cause your website to break / to go offline.
  • You will be billed annually for your website hosting.
  • The annual hosting only covers the hosting and does not include any work or updates.

Design & Editing

  • If your website has a CMS, you will be able to manage and edit the content on the website via a simple login. Here's a 2-minute demo.
  • You will NOT be able to edit the DESIGN / STRUCTURE / LAYOUT of your website via the CMS - just the content.
  • If you require updates to the DESIGN / STRUCTURE / LAYOUT, these will need to be carried out by a Webflow professional (i.e. me).
  • The website is built using a software called Webflow. This is quite a technical piece of software and is not something that can be learned in a day or two like other website builders such as Squarespace or Wix.
  • If required, the website can be transferred to another Webflow professional to complete the work for you.

Client Dashboard & Training

  • You will have access to the CMS, analytics and other documentation relating to your website via a Client Dashboard.
  • If necessary and stated in the proposal, you will be provided with custom, personalised training videos of the website CMS so that you will be able to manage and update content on your website.

Future Work

  • Work that falls outside of the project's original scope will be priced on either an hourly basis or as a fixed price. The pricing method used depends upon the type and amount of work to be carried out.
  • Any emergency fixes / urgent work will be carried out as soon as possible, and this normally means on the same day / next day.
  • Regular updates/work will be scheduled as soon as possible, but depending on the amount of work required and my schedule at the time, this can take anything from a couple of days to 6 weeks.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

  • Your website will be built with SEO in mind, meaning that it will adhere to the latest technical practices in terms of on-site SEO, which consists of HTML tags, URL, meta tags, content, image optimisation and where necessary.
  • You website will also be registered with Google Search Console so that it is indexed by Google and we can monitor any issues with Google Search in relation to your website.
  • In terms of ongoing SEO, this is not included in the annual hosting. If this is something which you want, we can discuss your requirements and I will provide a quote for you.


Privacy Policy

  • If you require a Privacy Policy, a free, generic template can e provided.
  • The legality or accuracy of the policy cannot be guaranteed but rest assured that no client has had an issue in almost 10 years of operation.

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

  • Your website will be fully GDPR compliant.
  • If you require cookie consent for scripts (i.e. Google Analytics) that you are placing on the website, these will be integrated in such a way that your website is GDPR compliant. This means getting consent from the website visitor before placing any tracking cookies in their browser.


  • If you own and manage your domain, you can continue to own and manage it, and you will need to pay your annual domain fee to your service provider.
  • Alternatively, if you want me to manage it or buy the domain for you, I can bill you for this annually.


  • If you require an email(s) to be set up for your new domain, I can do this for you.
  • I set this up most of the time via your personal email (i.e. Gmail), but I can also set this up via GSuite.
  • I do not provide customer / technical support for email but can help with minor issues. In most cases, I can help resolve any problems.
  • If you foresee that you will require instant technical support, I recommend finding a local IT provider who can help with this.